I didn’t forget

You probably thought I forgot I had a blog didn’t you. I mean I post three recipes and then go dark. I’d think that I forgot as well.

But I didn’t.

This is the problem I have with starting a blog. Blogs have themes. And are focused. And centered around an issue or…. theme… whatever.

I am the antithesis of that.

I don’t have a theme. I’m interested in lots of things. And I don’t want to just talk about one thing in this blog. I love baking. I love email. I love video games. I love board games. I LOVE reading. And I have a life.

So after some thinking I’ve decided to make this blog exactly what I called it in the first place. It’s my ramblings. Because I’m going to ramble, but also because it’s not going to be just baking or just email or just reading or just video games. It’s going to be everything. And some of you will like some parts of it and some of you will like other parts of it. And some of you will not like any of it.

But at the end of the day it’s my blog for my wildly all over the place self.

So having said that. Today’s post is going to be about the Dishwasher Saga….

The Dishwasher Saga

We’re trying to sell our place. We tried it last year and it didn’t work out well at all. Long story short, we spent the winter quarantined in a 3 bedroom apartment with Mike working out of a closet (it’s a decent sized closet, but still a closet) and me working from… well everywhere. I kind of float around the place.

So we “remodeled” the kitchen. That’s in quotes because we did the big remodel years and years ago. This was just new floors and painting the cabinets. So it looks way different, but it’s pretty much the same. Along with this remodel we got all new appliances (the annoying stainless steel ones that everyone loves but I do not.)

One of those appliances was a dishwasher.

Or at least it was supposed to be a dishwasher. It’s now going on 3 weeks and we still don’t have a dishwasher.

That’s not to say we haven’t had a dishwasher. We did. We have had 2 new dishwashers.

The first dishwasher came a week later than it was supposed to. I’m going to blame COVID for that. (1) because that’s what you do these days and (2) because it’s true. COVID has been making it very hard to get any new appliances or furniture in any sort of decent amount of time these days.

Having said that. I did order the dishwasher back on Black Friday. So it’s not like Home Depot didn’t have 2 whole months to make sure my dishwasher came on time.

Anyways. Dishwasher comes. Home Depot guy installs it and leaves. The dishwasher doesn’t look quite right, but OK. Maybe it’s just that it’s a different size than the last dishwasher? Who knows. I am an Email Marketing Specialist. I know email not dishwashers. So we’re going with it and we’re loading it with dishes Thursday night. Friday morning. Still haven’t run it. Friday night, we’re filling it up and Mike raises the front to close it and there is a horrible groan that comes out of the dishwasher hinges. Well that can’t be good we think. Up and down and the groan goes away so, maybe it’s OK? We go to close it and it won’t close. But the guy told us that we might have to push it a bit to get it to close, so we do. No dice. We open it and we find a little decorative piece is broken and won’t go back the way it is on the other side. Not what’s keeping the dishwasher from running, but it’s a frickin new dishwasher. Shouldn’t be broken.

So I spent Friday night on the phone with Home Depot customer service. First they’re going to get someone out to check the install, but I point out that doesn’t fix the broken piece. So then they’re going to get us a replacement.

On May 25th.

Yeah. That doesn’t work when we’re trying to sell our house in March. So we end up returning it. But the delivery service is closed so I have to call back tomorrow to schedule that. Joy.

I call back the next day (Saturday) and they’ll be out to pick it up on Friday. A week with a dead dishwasher. Perfect. I get online and order another dishwasher (from a different company we are not dealing with Home Depot again). That’ll be here the Monday after the old new dishwasher is gone, perfect. The spawn will learn the joy of hand washing dishes. We’ll make a family event of it after dinner for a week. Great learning experience.

Friday comes, they take the dishwasher — oh wait. I forgot.

During the week we discovered that they did install the dishwasher wrong. The hookup to drain the dishwasher isn’t tight enough and now the left side of the sink leaks. And presumably, the dishwasher would have if we’d ever turned it on. So no dishwasher, and one less sink basin for washing dishes in.

Right. So Friday comes, dishwasher goes. No problems. Though the de-install guys point out where the first install guy scratched up my new floor and broke a piece off of something and just shoved it behind the dishwasher. Really nice guy there.

Second dishwasher comes on Monday as promised. New company dishwasher install people are awesome. They talk through everything. Bring mats to put down to protect my new floors. They go down to get the dishwasher to bring up aaaaaand find that it’s dented. And not a small dent. Like someone took a golf club and whacked the side of the dishwasher door.

Of course.

But they’re honest guys and tell us and don’t even bring it up. They say that a sales rep will be in touch to reschedule and it should be today or tomorrow. (Also they suggest that we play the lotto, because of all the dishwasher issues. I’m not sure how sound that advice is though. I’ll just leave my money where it is for now.)

The day passes with no word from anyone. So I go online and get in touch with the company’s customer service. Who tell me the soonest they can get me a dishwasher is late NEXT WEEK.

Full disclosure. I pulled a Karen. I’m not proud of it, but I’m kind of at the end of my rope at this point.

Even pulling a Karen only got me a dishwasher next Monday – exactly a week away.

So I quit that chat and called up sales (which apparently I should have done first, but I figured “I’m a customer and I need service.”). Sales person gets on the chat, pulls up my info makes me wait about 5 minutes and says the new new new dishwasher will be here tomorrow. (He didn’t call it that, that’s just what I’m calling it.) Wahoo!

So I’m sitting here. It’s now tomorrow. The delivery tracker says they’ll be here between 7pm and 10pm today with our dishwasher. And I’m refreshing the tracker every 30 minutes to watch the truck sit in place as it’s at other stops and hoping and praying that the dishwasher saga ends tonight.

I’m sure I’ve jinxed it by writing this though.

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