Snickers Magic Cookies

Warning: I like to ramble and enjoy a good side story. It will happen throughout this blog post and the recipe. You’ve been warned.

I wanted to write a post about the horrible soap/pepper/water experiment that everyone is like “here’s this great experiment to teach your kids about how soap works against COVID-19.” 🤮 That is not how soap works…. But I’m 3 glasses of wine in tonight so soap experiments will have to wait.

So way back on Halloween while eating my kids candy (yes I stole their candy, that’s what you get to do as a parent) I decided that I wanted to have a cookie that tasted like a Snickers. So I searched up Snickers cookie and found lots of cookies where people put Snickers in their cookies.

Lazy people.

I didn’t want a cookie with a Snickers in it, I wanted a cookie that tasted like a Snickers. (Arguably, that’s what a Snickerdoodle should be, but alas, some Germans (probably) named that cookie before Snickers existed and here we are with a horribly misnamed cookie.)

Anyways, off I go to create a cookie that tasted like Snickers. So first I learned how to make nougat. WHAT. THE HELL. Why didn’t anyone tell me I could make nougat?! And it’s good in candy bars, but holy crap that shi- I mean stuff is delicious when it’s home made! 🤤

Fun side note (well fun for me): the recipe I used was a chocolate nougat recipe that I modified to be peanut butter. As I’ve never made nougat before it may have some extra stuff that you don’t need in it, but it turned out delicious, so I’m going with it.

So much nougat-y goodness. It’s way more than you’ll need for these cookies, so you might as well eat like half while making the cookies and then eat whatever is left over for breakfast the next day

Right, so nougat down, what else is in Snickers? Peanuts, chocolate, caramel. Check. Check. Check. Is it a bad thing that I just randomly have all those things lying around my house? I think not. And if you think so, there’s the door…. well, I dunno whatever the internet equivalent of the door is. The back button? Right. ANYways.

So I started with a chocolate chip cookie base and added everything in. Which produced delicious cookies, but not what I was going for. Some cookies had everything and some cookies had just chocolate chips or just had caramel. So you kind of end up with lots of yummy cookies (Is there such a thing as bad cookies? That’s the best part of cookie experiments. There is no way to lose) but not all of them were Snickers tasting.

all of the goodness
more of the goodness, but no magic.

Ok so, back to the drawing board.

A search of the web turns up a chocolate nougat recipe. But a chocolate cookie could over power the rest of the flavors. So we tweak. And use the last batch as a learning experience. And generally just make stuff up as we go, like you do.

Making the magic happen, one cookie at a time
Melt-y caramel… mmmm…

And what resulted were delicious Snickers Magic Cookies. My husband says they’re the best thing I ever made including our kids. We decided to go back in time and make these cookies instead of having kids. Our 10yo did not agree that that was a good idea, but come on. Cookies.


2 large egg whites (save one of the yolks for the cookie recipe. If you’re going to make ice cream or pasta in the near, you can save the other one for that.)
¼ cup light corn syrup
1 tbsp vanilla extract
2 cups granulated sugar
¾ cup water
1 ½ cup light corn syrup – this is different than above, yes you need two portions of them. (if you run out part of the way through you can substitute honey, but I wouldn’t substitute more than ¼ cup honey or you’ll mess up the flavor.)
¼ cup confectioners’ sugar – or powdered sugar – or castor sugar whatever you want to call it it’s the good stuff.
¾ cup peanut butter

2 cups flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 ½ tsp cornstarch
¼ tsp salt – (I usually leave salt out of my cookies, but some people like salt, so I put it in the recipe if you want to add it. My mom always said everything else has salt in it why add more salt to your diet. I’m not a huge fan of cookies with salt in them. Everyone says it brings out the flavor, but I just taste salty cookies.)
¾ cup butter – softened but not melted
1 cup + 2 tbsp brown sugar (fun fact, you can make brown sugar if you have molasses, sugar, and a food processor:

Homemade brown sugar.

1 large egg + 1 egg yolk
2 tsp vanilla extract
5oz of nougat … or, you know, as much as you want to put in.
½ cup of peanuts
a bunch of chocolate chips (I used semi sweet because that’s what I had on hand, but if you want a true Snickers taste you should probably go with milk chocolate)
a bunch of caramels cut into pieces (if you use the Kraft caramels you cut them into 4ths.)


  1. Make the nougat: Spray a 9×13 pan with canola oil and then wipe it with a paper towel to remove some of the oil. We’re going for “lightly oiled”
    1. Place the egg whites, ¼ cup corn syrup, and vanilla extract in the bowl of a stand mixer fit with the whip attachment. You can do this with a hand mixer but it’s going to be much harder. Maybe clone yourself? Or get an assistant? I dunno. I use to make meringues with a hand mixer but making the syrup at the same time you’re whisking the eggs is hard. Possible, but hard. I wish you all the luck. You can do it! In any case do not start whipping them yet, just get it all set up.
    2. Combine the sugar, 1 ½ cup corn syrup, and water in a 2 quart saucepan and bring to a boil. Boil covered for 3 minutes (or about 4-5 minutes since you turned the heat on). Remove the lid and insert a thermometer and continue to cook while stirring until it reaches 243°F. At this point you should start whipping the egg whites on high. Fun fact, the temp is going to seem to get stuck and is going to go up suuuuuuper slow for awhile. Literally every time I make meringues I think back to high school science. What happens is the heat energy is being used to break the bonds of the water and the sugar so that the water can become a gas and your mixture can get super saturated and syrupy. Which is super cool. No? Only me? Ok. Back to the recipe.
    3. When the syrup reaches 257°F (and remember it’s going to take a while), immediately remove it from the heat and pour it into the egg white mixture (keep whipping!) in a slow constant steam. Continue whipping on high for 8 minutes.
    4. Turn off the mixer and sift the powdered sugar into the egg whites and mix on low speed just until combined. (watch out for the powdered sugar poof!)
    5. Add the peanut butter and mix on low speed just until combined. If there are streaks you can fold in (heehee ‘fold in the cheese’. Schitt’s Creek has ruined ‘fold in’ for me) with a spatula.
    6. Press the nougat into the prepared pan and let cool to room temp. About 2 hours or over night. 2 day cookies! woo hoo! (totally worth it, I promise)
  1. Ok, now for the cookies. Preheat the oven to 325°F and line baking trays with parchment paper or silicone baking mats
    1. Mix the flour, baking soda, and salt in a medium bowl. Really whatever size bowl they fit in, I don’t know your bowl situation.
    2. In the bowl of a stand mixer (no stand mixer? use a regular bowl and a hand mixer. You just made nougat with a hand mixer, you’re a fricking champ, this will be easy peasy lemon squeezy) beat the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Then add the egg, egg yolk, and vanilla.
    3. Add the flour mixture in two portions, mixing between each addition just until combined. Turn off the mixer and add in the nougat and peanuts. Be careful of over mixing, you want chunks of nougat not smears.
    4. Here’s the part that you’re going to have to use your judgement. Every cookie recipe ever (ok most cookie recipes) says to refrigerate the cookie dough from a couple of hours to overnight. Something to do with getting the sugar and the fat to bond well and flavors developing. I dunno, we made chocolate chip cookies the other day and didn’t put the dough in the fridge and they were AH-mazing. So try it both ways and let me know what you find out.
    5. Scoop out heaping tablespoons of dough (or use a cookie scoop. best investment ever.) and place on the baking sheet.
    6. “BUT WAIT!” you say. These cookies only have peanuts and nougat? WTF I thought they were supposed to be Snickers Cookies. Yeah, yeah, here’s where the magic comes in. To ensure every cookie has everything you squish the chocolate chips and caramels on top of each cookie ball. I find 6 chocolate chips and 3 caramel pieces fit rather well, but feel free to shove more in there if you can fit them.
    7. Place in the oven and cook for 9-12* minutes or until they start to brown on the edges. Leave to cool on the baking tray (10-20 minutes) and then transfer to a cooling rack.

These cookies are sticky, make sure to put a piece of parchment paper between each layer when storing them or you will end up with one giant cookie pile, which, while delicious, is not conducive to sharing.

*Cooking times may vary. I made these cookies over 3 weeks ago and didn’t pay attention to how long they were in there for. I just cooked them until they didn’t look completely under done. The plan is to make them again next week, so I’ll update when I figure it out.
Update: 9-12 minutes works. I had to go to 14 min for a couple, but most were done by 12 minutes. If your oven runs hot, you’ll probably be fine with less.

Snickers did not pay me to make this cookie, which is probably for the best because I don’t actually use Snickers in the cookie. I’m probably going to have to change name if they ever get wind of this…. shhhhh.

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